At Parkside we offer our patients virtually transparent brace systems that will offer you straight teeth quickly, with minimal fuss.

Removable Aligners

These aligners are popular with many of our patients because they easily fit into your lifestyle; being both discreet and easily removable. We place a series of individually manufactured aligners directly onto your teeth that are perfectly customised just for you. Each aligner will gradually move your teeth into position for a straight, beautiful smile. The removable appliances work best for patients with mild tooth misalignment.

Fixed Aligners

We use tooth coloured brackets and bands that we apply directly to your teeth & a bespoke tooth coloured wire that gently pushes your teeth into position.

Both options have a proven track record worldwide for their performance and beautiful aesthetics, being nearly invisible once placed in the mouth.

Choose Parkside for a perfectly straight & healthy smile

Get the perfect smile from only £1600!

Adult Orthodontic treatment can be carried out at any stage using fixed or removable appliances.

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